Jones Gallery (Bakersfield College)

There are presently no open calls for submissions.






Each year the Jones Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Photographs, Paintings, Drawings, Digital Works and Sculptures made in the Fine Arts classes of Bakersfield College. Artwork is submitted by students online and as many works as possible are chosen by a professional artist / art's instructor from outside the Bakersfield College Community who (when possible) is invited to give an on-campus guest lecture. The exhibition is kicked off with an opening reception for the student artists and the Bakersfield Community at large and is up for 4-6 weeks.


This years guest judge will be Ivan Bridges, a painter living, working and exhibiting actively in Los Angeles. He exhibited a selection of oil paintings and watercolors at the Jones Gallery in 2014 and will be giving a guest lecture on his work and influences in March (specific date / time TBA).

(click here to see Ivan Bridges' work – *Adult Content Warning*)


The purpose of this exhibit is to feature artwork created in credit-bearing Bakersfield College art courses, produced under the direction of a Bakersfield College art faculty member.

No work done in other courses, or work done independently can be accepted in this exhibit. No work created in a “community service” course can accepted. No exceptions.

No substitutions will be accepted. Any piece accepted into the exhibit must be exactly the same piece that is delivered to the gallery.



Students are allowed up to three entries. Any student who completed a Bakersfield College Art course during: Spring 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 is eligible to enter a total of three pieces for consideration.

If you enter more than three, the additional entries will be deleted automatically from the Submittable system.

Please note that the Submittable system may refer to you as an "author." This is because Submittable is also used to submit stories for publications.



2D Work: In the case of Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, works in Graphic Design or 2D Design you'll need to submit a single image of your artwork. Please DO NOT crop your work to the edges, leave at least 2 inches of a white wall showing in the photo when possible. Images must be in JPEG format.

3D Work: In the case of Sculptures and Installations you are allowed to upload up to three JPEG images of an individual artwork from different angles etc. For best consideration please photograph work in a nuetral space (i.e. white walls, grey cement floor), the ideal location to photograph your work would be in one of the Bakersfield College classrooms.

Video Work: The gallery will be looking for a single work of video art to be displayed on loop in the gallery's projector room. Various standard video file types are acceptable for upload. Students are encouraged to submit work of a medium length with sound who's content will make sense as a looping video and will project well onto our 8 by 5 foot projector screen.

Basic Information: When uploading files you will be required to provide basic information before the system will let you complete your entry including Title, Size, Material(s), Year, Class, Instructor and Time (in the case of video). Your official school email address must also be entered here.

Titling Work: If you choose to leave a work untitled you cannot title it simply as "Untitled", you will need to include a 2-5 word description in parentheses after. Example: "Untitled (bird in flight)"

Your First Name and Your Last Name
The title of the work, semester, year
The media used to create the piece
Course where the work was created
The professor who taught the course where the work was created
Your BC email address



All 2-Dimensional work that is accepted to be part of the exhibition must be appropriately framed and ready to hang upon delivery to the gallery, this is the responsibility of the artist. Unframed or improperly framed works cannot / will not be hung in the exhibition.


FRAMES MUST BE SIMPLE & SQUARE (no extravagant designs / curves etc.)


MATS MUST BE WHITE OR BLACK (no other colors please)

Don't Over-Pay for Framing: Please note that the gallery does not require you to pay a large amount of money to have a custom frame built for your artwork. We suggest buying a simple pre-made frame if possible and floating your work or having a mat cut to fit your work. For stretched canvas work especially you may also wish to consider building your own frame (if you are capable).

[click here for a do-it-yourself guide for framing paintings]



Deadline to upload artwork to Submittable:
Sunday March 20, at midnight (12:00am)

Judging of Artwork:

Monday March 21 through Wednesday March 23

Student Notification of Acceptance / Decline of Artwork:

Wednesday March 23

Student Drop off of accepted work at Jones Gallery:

Monday, March 28, between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

Monday, March 28, between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

Thursday, March 31, between 1:00pm and 5:00pm.

• If you are unable to deliver your artwork at one of these days / times you must make arrangements with another student etc. to drop it off on your behalf.

• Work that is not dropped off during one of these days / times cannot be part of the exhibition.

• Again, all 2-Dimensional work must be appropriately framed and ready to hang upon delivery to the gallery, this is the responsibility of the student artist.

Installation of Artwork in Gallery:
Friday April 1 — Wednesday April 6

Opening Reception:
Thursday April 7, 3:00-7:00pm

Exhibit Open:
Thursday April 7 – Thursday May 28 (Gallery is open Thursdays 1-4pm)

Student Artists Pick up Their Artwork:
Finals Week
Specific Day(s) TBA

• If you are unable to pick your work up at the time(s) posted you must make arrangements with another student etc. to pick up your work on your behalf.

• Work that is not picked up during the time(s) listed above will not be able to pick up their work until the beginning of the following Fall Semester.